"Events are a fairly new form of fundraising for our organization, and Fred and Ron guided us through best practices and made the planning process less stressful. On event day, I know that Ron will show up early, roll with the punches, ask all the right questions, command the attention of the crowd, and set a contagiously high energy in the room. We have exceeded our fundraising goal each year through Raise the Paddle and a Live Auction, and I give Ron and Fred a lot of credit for our success!"

- Sara Vander Zanden, Executive Director, Facing Homelessness


Ron Hippe is a talented, engaged, and authentic auctioneer. After many years as Fred's go-to emcee, Ron was personally trained by Fred as a fundraising auctioneer. "I had wanted someone on my team who could represent Northup Fundraising, and Ron was clearly the right choice. He understands the pace and energy needed to raise money, and his comedy improvisation and theater background is very similar to mine."

Ron and Fred partner together before an event to provide pre-event consulting, and then Ron takes the stage the night-of. "Ron's charming, infectious energy and authenticity serve him well, and he's only getting rave reviews as an auctioneer," notes Fred.

When not auctioneering for Fred, Ron can be found performing comedy improvisation with Seattle's TheatreSports (Unexpected Productions), and he has worked with a number of improv companies around the globe in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Atlanta, Vancouver, New York, London, and Austria. Ron has appeared in productions with the Intiman, ACT, and Seattle Rep theatres and also appeared on Broadway in the Pulitzer prize winning play The Kentucky Cycle. Ron is a veteran commercial and voice over actor for radio, television, and video games. In addition Ron is a musician and singer-songwriter. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Michelle, and their two boys.

“The event was a great success! Everyone loved Ron. He was gracious, energetic, and squeezed as much as he possibly could out of the wallets. We are so appreciative of your efforts on our behalf – together, you really guided us through this experience.”

- Gayle Enright, Cure First

“Ron was terrific. He was clear, articulate, had good timing, joked around with the parents, and raised money!”

- Gina Davis, Cherry Crest Elementary PTA

“Ron was fabulous emceeing our event! He made the awards fun and lively and we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much!”

- Teresa Kenney, Editor, Northwest Meetings + Events