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"Fred is a masterful auctioneer and event consultant who helped Treehouse craft a special anniversary event to spectacluarly exceed revenue objectives. Fred manages the energy of the audience to involve them powerfully and drive participation and generosity way up. He is a delight to work with and gives well over 110%.”

- Janis Avery, Executive Director, Treehouse

"Fred is truly the best in his field. He is so much more than an auctioneer - he is an entertainer with a quick wit, and he has the ability to read a room like nobody I've ever worked with in my 25 years of fundraising.”

- Leila Thomas, Director of Development, St. Thomas School


“Fred is a brilliant auctioneer, which is why we’ve invited him to be a part of our event year after year. He knows how to balance entertaining a crowd with getting people excited to give generously in support of our cause.  He’s an invaluable part of our auction’s success.”

- Tara Smith, Executive Director, Seattle Works

“Fred brings vitality, strategic audience engagement and a results-focused approach to auctions. He is a constant partner through the planning process leading up to an event. He brings ideas to augment and reshape an organization's auction lineup. And he is just simply energizing and fun to work with!”
- Sara Reyerson, Former Director of Development, Women's Funding Alliance

“Fred is awesome- he's creative, energetic, and a blast to work with. I have NO doubt that Fred has raised the non-profits he works for 20-30% more than if he wasn't there. He's a gem.”

​- Alison Carl White, Former Executive Director, Better Health Together

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