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“Colin's words were personal, relevant, and spoke directly to the people in the room. His energy during our live auction and raise the paddle kept everyone focused and eager to join our cause. In large part because of Colin's talent as an auctioneer, passion for our cause, and focused engagement with our audience, we raised more than twice our goal for the night! We were in total shock and couldn't be happier with Colin's leadership up front. We'll be lucky to have him back next year!"

- Teresa Hillis, Director, 30/30 Project


Arizona-born and Northwest-refined, Colin McArthur is experienced in everything from small, intimate fundraisers, to on-camera livestream events, to large, black-tie galas.  He strives to create a unique blend of humor and compassion to your event. His quick wit keeps the party going, and his heart for the needs of clients and donors helps the message of any given event come through as urgent and worthy. 


As he puts it, “I love to engage with an audience, make them feel comfortable with me, and let them know I am there to have as much fun as possible and raise as much money as possible.  I feel like I have great natural instincts when it comes to reading rooms, and can change my delivery quickly to meet the mood of the event.  If a joke is needed, I am ready.  If a story or moment of compassion will help the moment be the most successful, I am equally as ready. I love all aspects of fundraising events, from live auctions to paddle raises.”


Colin has worked for many wonderful organizations including Blue Mountain Humane Society, Vascular Cures, The Museum of Pop Culture, the 30/30 Project, and more.


In addition to his auctioneering work, Colin is a part of the English faculty of North Seattle College. He is a freelance writer and a part-time actor, working in projects that range from REI commercials and series to Macklemore music videos.  Colin lives in Kirkland with his wife, Dawn, and their children Davis and Freya.

"If you have ever found yourself scrambling to secure great auctioneer for your upcoming signature event, you will understand how relieved and thrilled I was to 'find' Colin McArthur. Colin hit it out of the park as he served in a hybrid role of auctioneer and master of ceremonies. Colin delivered a great mixture of energy, humor, and heartfelt compassion throughout the evening which enabled us to raise a record level of resources for the important mission of Construction for Change. Colin demonstrated a profound ability to put people at ease and connect with the audience on a personal level throughout the evening. We could not have been more pleased and are eager to invite him back for our 10th anniversary event next year!"

- Kevin Hunter, Executive Director, Construction for Change

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