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Fred Northup, Jr. is a nationally-known fundraising auctioneer who raises over ten million dollars a year for non-profits all over the country. From small fundraisers to multimillion-dollar galas, Fred's auctioneering combines his unique experience as a comedy improvisor, event producer, expert fundraiser, and master entertainer. Repeat customers include The Museum of Flight, The Auction of Washington Wines, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Clubs, Evegreen Health, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Lakeside School, and more.

“My background in storytelling and comedy helps me keep an audience engaged, but that's so I can put the organization front-and-center. My humor, authenticity, and energy are all very important, but backstage I'm known as 'the guy who never leaves money in the room.' It's why I offer unlimted pre-event consulting on procurement, audience development, sponsorship, timeline, storytelling, paddle raise strategy, silent auctions, vendor selection, and more. The countless hours I spend before the event consulting and preparing are just as important as my time on stage."


In addition to his work on stage, Fred Northup runs a video and event production company, 

Southdown Creative.  He's also the co-founder of RainGlobes, the globe that rains! When not entertaining the masses, Fred can be found in Seattle entertaining his wife, Ashley, and their two children.


View the video below, then click the links above to view photos and a partial client list and testimonials from auctions around the country.

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